Our Story 

Never be afraid to stop traffic.
— Iris Apfel

Circa 1986; Founder, Ryann Gaspara, showcasing a property in Scottsdale, AZ.

Circa 1986; Founder, Ryann Gaspara, showcasing a property in Scottsdale, AZ.

The Girl

Ryann Gaspara has a deep love of visual design, accompanied by a fascination with experiential branding & emotional advertising.  She has practical training in photography, color/structure theories, and art history, and she has spent much of her career in the luxury retail and services industries.

She begins every project from an all-encompassing approach: What is the look, scent, sound, and - most importantly - the FEEL of your brand? And how are you relaying that to your clients or guests? How will your company make people feel?

Using her practical competence, combined with an immeasurable  intuitive ability, Ryann has been able to guide brands into making thoughtful, lasting impressions for guests, employees and clients. Those touches translate into brand loyalty, social sharing and revenue for your business. 

The Company

GasparaFlora had humble beginnings as a local-to-San Diego online gift shop and quickly gained traction in the corporate and hospitality sectors for sales and employee gifting, 

In 2017, we added more hospitality and travel components, built to enhance guest experiences and spread complex brand voices beyond properties. We weave the fabric of your message from start to finish of a physical guest visit, and beyond. Our subtle, yet memorable touches can be found at resorts, in retail settings along the California coast, and throughout social media snapshots worldwide. 

We create tailored experiences.  

Founder & Creative Director Ryann Gaspara

Founder & Creative Director Ryann Gaspara